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School Starts - A Little Bit About School Problems

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The scenario I propose is this: your child has started school, you prepared yourself with all necessary books and school supplies any parent makes their best to have more than enough of, and everything seemed fine. Until recently. The apple looked nice but when you decided to look harder you can see that the little hole had been there. What made you look harder? Your child’s discomfort for school or even his refuse to go to school. When he is late for school it is annoying. But missing school is intolerable. And here comes the reply: 'I’m not going to school and you can’t make me!'. If nothing is done this may have repercussions up to his student years.


It might be a fight for power. But an issue with one of the teachers is more likely to it. No wonder things are on the verge to explode (or may already have) when two people who don’t like each other have to spend so many hours a day together. They just don’t match and you find yourself between the devil and the deep blue sea. You don’t know whether interfere or not but you know the grades are going down and something should be done. Encourage your child to talk and solve this on his own, have the courage to admit his mistakes and even approach his teacher. Don’t throw accusations on anyone and try to find solutions together. If nothing seems to work then take your child to another class or even another school.

Another 'worm' may be an aggressive, dominating child who rejects yours for different reasons. Talk to him about their relationship and remind him that love cannot be bought so one true friend would do. If he found it already make him focus on that friendship. Support your child and don’t criticize. Self esteem is very important at this age (but when isn’t?). The way you child sees himself affect the way his friends see him.

Remember a funny scenario in the movies or cartoons when the pupil comes home and show his angry parents his marks. They burst. Well… disappointment and desperation turnsthis funny scene into an ordeal in the real life. This kind of results may have happen because the child has got eye or neurological problems. Other reasons may be common: he may not be used to learning or the teaching methods don’t fit his temper. If this gets you angry you let yourself trapped in a game where everyone loses. If you make the child feel guilty for the bad marks, he’ll feel incompetent. You all season in a circle. He needs to like learning again and you should help. Underline the efforts not the results and be optimistic.

No matter what size the 'worms' are, you always have to put yourself in your child’s place. And remember: you can always resign but our child has to go to school every day even if the results are not good, even if some teacher doesn’t like him or another child is giving him hard times.

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