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Scholarship season isn't over!

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It's no surprise to anyone that paying for a college education is one of the most stressful financial burdens you will ever face. Whether a parent trying to help their child get through or a college applicant yourself, weighing college debt against the potential value of a degree (or, scarily, the possible lack thereof) has a lifelong impact and there is nothing but hindsight to determine whether you made the right choice. Fortunately, there is a lot of help out there for people motivated to look.

Federal assistance is great (and it can be easier to get than some people think) and most schools offer big scholarships on an athletic or academic basis, but the sea is populated by more than whales. For every huge, semester-paying scholarship, there are dozens of smaller scholarships with relatively simple requirements. A quick search can find plenty, but since you've gone to all the trouble of opening this article, I'll link some that you still have time to apply for this summer to get your search off to a strong start:

1. $1,500 AAAA scholarship from Ankin Law. Deadline: July 15.

2. $1,000 Creative Safety Supply scholarship. Deadline: July 15.

3. $1,000 Thomas Law scholarship. Deadline: July 15.

4. $1,000 Mainor Worth scholarship. Deadline: July 15.

5. $1,000 Keller Law scholarship. Deadline: July 15.

6. $2,000 SEED scholarship from Ultius. Deadline: July 31.

7. $2,000 Aaall In Limo scholarship. Deadline: July 31.

8. $1,000 CouponChief scholarship. Deadline: July 31.

9. $1,500 Naked Nutrition scholarship. Deadline: August 1.

10. $2,000 Dream Home Design scholarship from Renoviso. Deadline: August 15.

Anything you want bad enough is worth working for, even if that means sending out dozens of essays every semester. Don't let money stand in the way of your dreams!

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