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Challenge: Life Changes

Rudy's Trip to Goodwill

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I remember the moment Abby told us she wanted her own room. It was on a bright, chilly walk on the beach during a little family vacation. I knew the day was coming, but it just made me sad. When we got home we did as she asked, carting all of her side of the room's toys and clothes down the hall.

Not much later, I remember vividly the day she told us she had cleaned her room and had a load of stuff to bring to the Good Will. She brought down box after box of toys and clothes that were too "kiddish". Her teddy and "piyyow" that once couldn't leave her sight were carefully placed on the top shelf of her closet.
A little sad, I thought, but we still have years and years of toys to be annoyed by with Emma being so little.
That was true, until today.

It just seems fitting to be watching Rudy the horse drive down the streets of Pendleton, making his way to the all goes so quickly.
Each year when we'd give Em's room a big clean we'd ask her if she'd like to donate Rudy, to which she'd fling her body onto his saddle and cry, "Noooooooo, I just can't!!! I love Rudy". This year, we didn't even have to ask. She was ready.
Kids, don't get us parents wrong. We want you to grow up, become independent, find yourself, fall in love, go out and explore the world and not need us so much. I promise. Just know, when we worry, lecture, ask a million questions, raise our voices, call or text you repeatedly until you respond, we are doing it out of love. WE LOVE YOU. Plain and simple.
Grow up, but please do it slowly.

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