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Challenge: Back to School 2020

Rest Up, School’s Almost In Session

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I’ve had to make so many decisions lately and I’m completely exhausted from it all.

The biggest decision so far has been what to do about school.

My kids’ school’s plan came out a few weeks ago and I about lost my mind.

It’s an amazing, well-thought out plan. It keeps the safety of everyone at the forefront while helping kids get back to a bit of normalcy.

And it absolutely will not work for our family.

After some serious panicking and brooding, consulting with some trusted confidants, and even punching my pillow while screaming into it, I finally came up with a solution.

It feels like the biggest decision of my life.

It’s not very popular with some people.

It’s going to require sacrifice from my kids and also from me.

But, I know without a shred of doubt that I made the decision that is best for my family and our unique situation.

I’m at peace with the decision. I actually think it’s a pretty good plan.

I refuse to lose another minute of sleep worrying or second guessing. I’m exhausted enough as it is.

I’m willing to bet school is one of those impossible decisions you’re up against as well.

There’s no good answer.

There’s only the answer that’s right for your family and your unique situation.

And if no answer seems right for your family, keep looking. Perhaps shake the situation up a little and look at it from a different vantage point.

What you choose might be completely opposite of what everyone else you know chooses. It’s okay.

What you choose might make zero sense to anyone else. It’s okay. Nothing right now makes much sense.

What you choose might work for the moment but not for the long run. It’s okay. Your choice today isn’t written in stone.

I’m willing to bet there’ll be a lot of reevaluating and readjusting for all of us this year.

My best advice? Shut out the noise.

Forget about your best friend and your neighbor and the random lady in the Facebook comments.

Let go of the way things used to be. Let go of what things looked like in the past.

Get a little creative if you have to.

Focus on your family’s specific needs.

Once you’ve made your decision, make peace with it.

No second guessing.

No losing sleep.

Rest up because school’s almost in session.

And this year more than ever, we all have so very much to learn.

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