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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Resolve to “Live Life to the Fullest”

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Live Life to the Fullest – don’t we all want to do that? Well it appears many people are resolving to do just that in 2016. That is what a recent survey from found. They asked 5000 people and 45% said “Living Life to the Fullest” was their number one resolution.

If you’re a parent, sometimes” living life to the fullest” means getting a hot uninterrupted shower or ten minutes of quite time with a cup of coffee before the baby starts stirring. I love the idea of making “Parenting Resolutions” and asked some of my favorite moms from Just Between Friends – which is North America’s largest children’s and maternity consignment event franchise. These moms run JBF events throughout the country while also balancing parenthood.

My son and daughter are both in college so sometimes I feel like “my work is done here” But that is not necessarily the case. We all need praise and reassurance from our parents, no matter how old we are. I know I still value my mother’s opinion. At the same time, I value my time with them even more as well. So here is my resolution:

My Resolution: “In 2016, I will take the time to let my children know how proud we are of them and the young adults they are becoming – and how much we love them. And since we don’t see them as often, I resolve to communicate more regularly both in writing and by calling and texting. And I will treasure the time we have in person and be completely present (smart phones off except for taking selfies – which we LOVE)


Here are some other resolutions from my JBF moms:

Josie Karash – mom of Kyler age 4 ½ and Nicholas age 2 ½

Patience, patience, patience! Being a stay-at-home mom to two children under the age of four AND working from home can sometimes wear my patience thin. My resolution is to stay more in the moment and try not to rush through activities that should be fun.


Anne Seyferth – mom of Elise age 4 and Sadie age 1 ½

My goal for 2016 is to yell less at my children. In general I am not someone who yells but I find myself getting overwhelmed with my children at times and I want to handle it better. I have been reading strategies on not yelling and the benefits for our whole family


Sheila Palaruan - mom of Luci, age 3 and Josiah, age 1

My goal is to be more present with them and spend quality time with them - which means limiting my time on FaceBook and my phone, checking email, etc. In 2016.I want my time with them to count.


Bridget Jones – mom of Rylin age 3 and Braxton age 11 months

We have a family slogan that we picked up at a coaching seminar for my husband years ago that is, "Be there!" It means wherever you are apply yourself fully so that you are focused on the present and do your best. I'm committing to apply this more for work and home. I need to separate the two worlds a little and become more focused on each.


Mindy Byers – mom of Adeline age 7

My goal is to be more deliberate about putting energy into our marriage. I feel like we have finally come out of the "fog" of the early parenting years. Our daughter has asked lots of questions about marriage lately and we want to be sure that we are teaching her what a strong, happy marriage looks like.


Kami Snowbarger – mom of Leah age 13 and Kellen age 6

We have decided that 2016 will be the year of less stuff, more experiences. We have already told the kids that they won't get presents from us for their birthdays this year. Instead, they will get an experience like going to a concert, attending a sports event or a short weekend trip. The memories from the experience will outlast the stuff.


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