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Challenge: Pandemic Parenting

Reflecting on 2020 brings heartache

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2020 was a rough year. I believe a rough one for everyone in the world. It was a time therapy was taking from my child. Continuous fighting with insurance companies to make sure our son is provided the best quality of care.

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The isolation felt more intense. Special needs parents already feel isolated then add on top schools and therapies were being shutdown. The unknown of when they would be back.

Learning the new norm of wearing a face mask wherever you went. Working with our children with sensory needs to wear a face mask was challenging. Trying to find ways to explain to my nonverbal son that we have to stay six feet apart from people in public. We have to wait for the elevator at the doctor’s appointments because only four people could be on it. Waiting is already hard for them then add all the extra stuff is plain HARD.

There has been a lot of tears shed in 2020. Some of them have been sad tears and some happy tears. It was challenging we could not see our families. We had to spend the holidays alone. Welcoming a new baby girl to our family and Kash not being able to go to the hospital to meet his baby sister. Grandparents are not able to visit us in the hospital.

Overall 2020 was extremely hard.

I am trying to change my mindset on how 2021 will be for our family. I’m trying to stay positive. Continue to think everything happens for a reason. We may not understand the reasoning now but will lead to greater things.

Emily Ransom is a mother to a beautiful five-year-old boy who has severe autism and epilepsy. Kash is nonverbal. Emily will receive her master's in Special Education with an emphasis on Autism and Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in May 2021. Emily has a blog titled Mama to Kash’s Voice where she shares her son’s journey through autism. Her blogs provide a safe place for families to not feel alone. Emily resides in Indiana with her husband Adam, Kash, and daughter Briella. They have two dogs one being Kash's autism therapy dog. Instagram: @mamatokashsvoice


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