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Reasons Why Your Kids Want to Study Abroad

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Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Ever wanted to study abroad? Well, studying abroad has several advantages for instance the chance of experiencing new cultures, meeting new friends and exploring other countries.

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Here are 10 reasons why you should study abroad in college.

#1. Learn a new language

Let’s face it. Being bilingual today is highly advantageous. For starters, not only will you be able to communicate with many people but you will get to connect and socialize with them. In addition, it helps to enhance your knowledge. New languages you can learn include French, Mandarin, Spanish, German and even Swahili.

#2. Experience new food and culture

Studying abroad in college allows you to sample new foods and cultures. For instance, if you study in Italy and your home is in England, you will get to eat pizza prepared using traditional methods. In addition, you will experience the Italian culture too.

#3. Looks good on your CV

According to CEA Study Abroad, studying abroad will help you pick up new skills which will surely improve your CV. Additionally; you will get a decent job once you are back home. Some of the transferable skills you will gain include adaptability, independence, confidence, creativity, responsibility, flexibility, listening and observing.

#4. Travel to other cities and countries

If you were to study abroad say in Germany or France, thanks to their efficient rail and road network, you can take road trips with friends during college breaks and travel to other countries and cities. All you need is to arm yourself with a map, supplies and you are good to go.

#5. Meet other people

International colleges accept students from all over the world. Even students that will be studying abroad at UC Berkeley. Undertaking studies in such a college means you will interact with students from all over the world be it Asians, Africans, Americans or Europeans.

#6. Become self reliance

Life in a new country is not easy especially if you have no family or friends close by. To achieve your dreams, you have to learn everything on your own. For instance, how to rent a room, how to shop, how to prepare meals, how to navigate the city and how to communicate in a new language.

#7. Get to learn more about yourself

Have you ever taken the time to know who you really are? Well, traveling and studying abroad should help you with this. Not only will you get to figure out what you are good at but also what you are not good at. Simply put, your strengths and weaknesses.

#8. Be adventurous

Not that studying in your home country makes you a non-adventurous person but traveling to a new country gives you the opportunity to explore new territories.

#9. Adopt new hobbies

Do you have a passion for photography, hiking, reading or exploring? Well, studying abroad should bring your hobbies out into the open. The possibilities are endless.

#10. Make lifelong friends

Ever desired to have that one true friend who will be by your side when you are happy, sad, sick or healthy? Study abroad in college and you might just meet him or her.

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