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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Raising our kids and raising ourselves

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Just a reminder, that most of life looks something like this.

It’s blurry moments, and failed attempts, and finding joy in what is- instead of what you wish it would be.

It’s remembering that a no make-up sweaty picture that catches true joy, is better than one where you are poised to meet an expectation of what family looks like that you never really bought into, anyway.

Here’s a reminder that these hot summer days are calling us outside to really LIVE- for muddy cuticles from planting your garden, and ugly tan lines from sitting at the soccer fields- and unanswered prayers that someone, in your house, will miraculously start to nap, again.

This is just a reminder that in one day it is totally normal to love your people and know that being their mom is exactly where you are meant to be, and also wonder if they would be better off spending time with a babysitter, because you clearly aren’t cut out for motherhood.

This is just a reminder that it’s normal to just want someone to really see YOU- and in the same moment, want to disappear.

This is just a reminder that every single day, while we are trying to figure out how to raise good people in our homes- we are also just trying to finish the job of raising ourselves.

This is just a reminder that we are, as we want to be. We are, as we work to be.

Just a reminder that if you feel like you are the only one riding a rollercoaster trying to figure parenting out, while you figure yourself out- you’re not.

Raising our kids, while we finish raising ourselves, is not for the faint of heart. Just know that we’re all doing it. Some of us just aren’t afraid to admit it ❤️.

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