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Most parents feel that computers, smartphones, and TVs affect their children’s imagination and educational studies in a positive approach. When it comes to video games, they don’t embrace the same views. They worry that the use of video games will impede a child’s behavior, attention span, sleep, school studies and reduce their physical actions. A video game is content and is, therefore, different from the Smartphone, computer, and TV as these devices simply run the content.

There are learning benefits for children playing video games if there’s a strong involvement by the parents. It’s said that video games will teach children how to succeed in their life. Some of the things they can learn by playing video games are:

  • Achieve what they set out to do
  • Consistently make quick decisions affecting what they do
  • Eye to hand coordination improves
  • Remain persistent
  • Show a sense of awareness for details
  • Be creative when solving problems

If more parents would incorporate good video games into the daily schedule of their children, it would quicken their verbal and reasoning growth. It would also allow them to learn skills needed for living in this technological world.

If a child could learn by simply playing games, they might learn the skills and knowledge that will affect their future. Parents can give their children the boost they need while keeping it fun. Begin a lifetime of protection for the ones you love the most. Give them a head start towards a bright future!

Here are some qualities parents need to look for in a video game for their children.

Difficulty Level– Parents can adjust the level of the skill. As the child get better; he can try the more challenging stages on his own

Decision Making– Try to find games that allow the child to convey his own interests and likings. It’s better if everything on the website software isn’t preset. It’s more fun to be able to make changes and choices during the play.

More than One Player– It’s more fun to play with a friend or parent.

Avoid Violence– Checkout the reviews online before using an unfamiliar website. If possible, rent a game so you can see if you want to buy it. If violence is used when resolving a struggle, avoid purchasing this game.

There are plenty of educational game sites, and these are four of the more popular online games for kids and sometimes, parents:

1. Fun Brain

This is a site featuring online educational games such as math, spelling, grammar, history, science, and reading. It was designated as one of the most popular websites for children by the magazine, Family Fun.

2. Poptropica

This is the leading computer generated world game for children and, as stated by Time Magazine, was one of the best in 2011. The world’s foremost educational company, Pearson, is the publisher of Poptropica. Children have to use their skills to solve problems while moving from island to island.

3. NASA Kids' Club

Children using this website are able to explore space using the online games which are connected to information on a real mission. They can play games, go on exciting guests, and it’s all related to space.

4. PBS Kids

This site is for children to learn educational games and there are also games, designed for adults, to assist them in preparing their children for studying.

Remember, there are fun ways to teach kids …“Let them play games.”

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