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Challenge: Start Today: Healthy Habits

Raising Healthy Kids Is Challenging These Days But It Can Be Done

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I don’t want to sound too negative. However, it is quite hard to ignore the fact that kids eat a lot of junk food these days. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not like one of those moms who deprive her kids of some junk food. No, not at all! I actually think I am pretty lenient with my kids regarding junk food. That’s something I am not too proud of but that’s me and please don’t shame me.

What is quite scary these days is that more and more kids are favoring junk food over healthy foods. I read on, that there are kids who totally avoid eating their veggies and that is quite disturbing. Now my kids aren’t too crazy about their veggies as well but they do eat them. I just cannot imagine a kid living on junk food alone.

Is Junk Food The Culprit?

My answer to that no because we can always choose healthier foods to feed our kids. So if I were to find a culprit, it would be me. After all, I am the one guilty of feeding my kids junk food, right?

There are too many food choices out there and if I want to raise healthy kids, I need to choose well. My eldest is going off to college in two years (how time flies!) and I want to avoid the Freshman 15.

Blaming the abundance of junk food is never going to help. There will be more of it in the future and if we can’t make the right food choices, the health of our kids will be in serious danger.

Eating Veggies Is A Must

Making the right food choices is hard. Getting kids to eat healthier food choices is a lot harder. However, it is a must to eat veggies. This goes both for kids and adults.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to recreate veggies to be more appealing. For the young kids, veggie could be mashed and concealed with other foods. For the teenagers and the grownups, some veggies can actually replace the usual carbs like pasta.

I’ve recently just learned how to make pasta noodles out of cucumbers and my teenage son loves it. There’s a super easy recipe that you can follow on

It’s really a good thing that there are ways to get the kids to eat their veggies. That makes it a lot easier for us to get our kids to eat healthy.

Run And Play

Aside from eating veggies, I really think that kids should go out and play more often. Growing up, I remember always being out of the house. We were always running around. We were playing outdoors until we ended up sweaty and stinky.

These days, kids usually play indoors with their gadgets. They are slumped on a chair, playing with their gadgets. That is the part that scares me most. Hence, I have taken steps to finally try to raise healthier kids.

It really isn’t easy to raise healthy kids but we just have to try before it’s too late. Simple things like eating veggies and running around can help. It will take a lot of patience but it’s worth trying.

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