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Challenge: Raising Kind Kids

Raising Girls

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I have two daughters.

Some people say raising girls is harder than raising boys. . . But if you ask me, raising children period is hard work. True, there are probably some different things you teach them depending on their sex and certainly different talks you have to have as they get older. . God help me when we get to this age.

As a parent, you want to give your children everything. You want to protect them, care for them, teach them, see them grow, love them.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to teach my daughters. How I want to prepare them for their teenage years and adulthood. Most of all, I want them to know they are loved, I want them to be secure in who they are and I want them to be kind to others. As their mother, how can I help them develop into healthy, sensible, smart, kind women?

I'm not really sure.

But, I think doing the following things will help: Be present. Talk to them daily. Ask them questions. Hug them daily. Kiss them daily. Tell them I love you everyday. Read to them. Support them. Tell them they are beautiful inside and out. Be a good role model. Teach them by example. Teach them important, age appropriate lessons. Pray for them daily. Who else will?

Have fun with them. Play with them. Laugh and dance with them. (We've got this one covered for sure).

I also know I need to stop yelling and raising my voice when I'm frustrated.

Thank you, God, that each day is a new one. Without that, I'd be totally screwed. So, I am very very thankful. And am continually trying to be a better mother. . for them.

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