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Do You Really Need a Baby Monitor?

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From work gadgets to home equipment, technology has enabled us to accomplish several things. With a new baby on the way, you're probably researching on a baby monitor to buy.

A video baby monitor is pretty essential for the everyday safety of your little on.. or it isn't?

Here we collected all the pros and cons that come along with these little gadgets:

#1 Pros

#1 You can be in another room without losing the connection with your sleeping baby

The ability to provide video and regular sound monitoring enables you to keep the door shut and leave your baby sleeping. Whether you want to cook, bathe or wash, video baby monitor makes everything convenient for you. There is no need for running after every five minutes to check your sleeping baby. Besides, in case your baby wakes up suddenly, you can still soothe him by playing a lullaby or with your voice.

#2 It provides you the peace of mind knowing your baby is safe

Video baby monitors allow you to glimpse and see your sleeping baby. This is vital especially if you are a new mom who leaves your baby with a nanny and don’t want to stay away from your little one.

#3 It is ideal for traveling

For travelers, this is the right companion. Babies sleep sooner and often especially when you are traveling. With a video baby monitor, you can dive in for dinner while still monitoring your baby. Some of them have a 3G connection that also works on WiFi. The distance between you and your baby is unlimited provided you have two smartphones, tablets or laptop. There isn’t any other hardware to carry with you.

#4 Plug and play and no complicated setup required

Video baby camera come handy. You don’t have to hire someone to set it up for you. Besides, some of them can be expanded to multiple cameras. Therefore, you can enjoy multi-parent support as any other member of the family can monitor the baby. Their ability to provide cloud services and sharing through internet connection means you can share your baby’s information with anyone you like. This may be a neighbor, friend or relative.

#5 Lighting conditions do not limit its functionality

The super clear video and night vision makes video baby monitors reliable. You can still monitor your baby even in the dark. Most video baby monitors have been tried and tested hence provide reliable performance.

#6 No need to wake up your baby to check on them

The last thing you’ll ever want to do is to wake up your baby unnecessarily. As a new parent, you may often be anxious about the state of your baby. Any sound they make can worry you. However, with a video baby monitor, you can check your baby only when needed.

#2 Cons

While engineers of baby video monitors have done much to provide convenience to nursing mothers, these little pieces of equipment come with certain flaws.

They can fail at times meaning you don’t have to rely on it 100%. Again, they are costly especially the high-end brands. However, this may not bar you if you mind about the bundle of benefits that come along with them.


You should never take the safety of your baby for granted.

Proper protection is essential. A video baby monitor can assure you convenience and safety of your baby.

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