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Prioritizing, Planning and Prep: 3 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for When Life is Really Busy

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We are more than half-way through the year now, and for some of us, our New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten.

When it comes to goals for myself and my family, they often pertain to health. Making big changes that are too lofty or hard to implement will almost always lead to failure. I’ve found that making one little change at a time can make a huge difference.

So, as I am planning for the second half of the year – a time that is extremely busy with vacations, back-to-school prep and holidays – I am reminded to focus on my health goals. Eating healthy most of the time fuels my body and mind, keeps my energy up and makes me feel less guilty about indulging sometimes.


As you think about your next six months, here are a few lessons I’ve learned along the way:

1. Healthy eating takes time and preparation, so find methods and meal plans that work for you.

I create weekly meal plans based on my schedule. Some days I know I'll be very busy, so I plan on making a crockpot meal, pull a meal from my freezer or make a 15-minute meal.

When my husband is home on weekends, I take time to prepare a few meals or snacks on Sunday afternoon. My go-to’s include health(ier) muffins, pancakes, chicken salad, egg salad, marinating meat, pre-cutting vegetables and fruit, homemade Lara Bars and baking bread.

Also, when I cook a healthier meal, I try to make double so I have an extra meal for my freezer or leftovers to eat during the week. Your future self will thank you.

Taking the time earlier in the week when I have it makes my life run so much smoother when the busier weekdays roll around. Plus, having things premade means you are more likely to keep your eating on track!

Here are a few healthy lunches for kids and a full month of healthy dinner ideas.

2. Always have healthy snacks for your kids (and yourself).

Since we live in NYC and are often running around the city or playing outside, I try to remember to bring healthy snacks. This saves me from spending money on unhealthy, easy-to-grab snacks.

Even at home, I’ve found if I have healthy snack options ready and waiting in my fridge, my kids are more likely to choose those. I always have a few staples on hand, including precut fruit and veggies, cheese sticks, tubes of greek yogurt, pre-made mini muffins, unsweetened packs of applesauce and homemade granola bars.


3. While you are planning healthy meals for your family, don’t forget about yourself.

On my Instagram stories, I took a poll of how many moms actually sat down to eat lunch during the week. More than 80% of my readers said they did not. I was shocked!

We need to do a better job of prioritizing our own needs. We cannot expect to be able to take care of everything - kids, husbands, work, school, activities - if we don’t prioritize ourselves and our health.

Check out this list of 50 tips for a healthier life. I like choosing one or two from this list and focusing on those for a few weeks at a time. Instead of trying to overhaul my eating plans all at once, choosing one of these items to work on is much more realistic.

What are your best tips and hacks for a healthier lifestyle? You can find more healthy recipes and tips over at!

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