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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Prioritizing Mom: Life Hacks to Get You More 'Me Time'

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Maybe it’s because I’ve been helping my son with his math homework for way too long, but the answer to how can I get more “me time” as a busy mom, might be a simple equation. As parents, there are so many things we have to do each day, but if we had a few awesome life hacks that saved us a little time every day, we’d end up with extra time that could be used for precious “me time.” So time saving life hacks + all the things we have to do= extra time for Mom at the end of the day! Bonus question: What are you going to do with all of your free time?


Cut down on makeup time but still give your skin some coverage by mixing your moisturizer with a little foundation and rub all over your face. Then quickly apply what is a must have for you, like bronzer, lip gloss or mascara. You’ll look great and save precious time.

Don’t drag out the ironing board for a wrinkled shirt. Toss a handful of ice into the dryer with your wrinkled clothes and let the dryer run for about 15 minutes. Most of the wrinkles will be gone and you can use those 15 minutes to enjoy some coffee.

This time saver is perfect for every season. Hang an over-the-door shoe organizer in a closet and fill it with items everyone in your house needs before they leave for the day. During the winter, store everyone’s hats, scarfs, gloves and shoes in the organizer. Put yours on top and your kids’ items at the bottom so they can put their own items away. In the summer, swap it out for sunglasses, sunscreen, and pool passes. Leave spare change, cell phone chargers, wet wipes for dirty faces, small snacks, and even hair ties in a few pockets as quick-grab items.

If a grocery store near you has an online shopping option, use it! Not having to brave the grocery store every week has been life changing for me, and I’m saving money because I’m not just tossing random items in the cart while I shop.

When it’s time to grocery shop, create your list in the order you’ll hit each aisle of the store. So rather than just randomly list items you need and racing through each aisle over and over, think about the layout of your store: start with produce, and finish with dairy.

Have your items bagged with all freezer food in one bag, refrigerated in another, and pantry supplies in another. When you get home, unloading will be much easier.

I always make way too much food, but now I’m doing it with a purpose. When meal planning, double or even triple recipes to get two meals a week from one night of cooking and freeze the remaining half. Rather than spending hours making dinner each week, use the frozen meals and cook only half the week.

Have a few extra laundry baskets around the house so at night you can scoop up rogue items and drop them off to their proper place. This cuts down on clutter but doesn’t add more cleaning time to your day.

Purchase small shower caddies and divvy up your cleaning supplies into smaller bottles for each room or level of your home — don’t forget each bathroom. When you’re in each room, tidy up without dragging all of your supplies throughout the house. Plus the smaller sized supplies won’t take up much space and rather than having the daunting task of cleaning your entire house, you can quickly clean a room when it works for you.

Set reminders and alarms on your phone for just about everything: bills, appointments, meetings, or simple to-do items. That familiar alarm prevents last minute scrambling, running out of time, or the dreaded mommy-brain from forgetting to get things done.

At the end of the night, when your phone, laptop, or tablet runs out of battery life, let it! Take this time to let your devices and yourself recharge. Disconnect and take that well deserved “me time.”

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