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Best Press Release Writing Service with 24 Hour Turnaround Time & AP Style Press Release

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If your company is looking for the best press release writing service, then you will want to work with a market leader that offers an unparalleled ability to transform facts and information about your company into a compelling, succinct story that can be used by journalists and writers from the world’s top media organizations. With that in mind, is now offering an affordable, high-quality, top press release writing service for companies around the world with 24 hour TAT option. This next generation press release writing service is now available in two different packages – Normal and Express Delivery. With the $59 Normal delivery, you get a high-quality press release in just 3-5 days. With the $119 Express delivery, you get a high-quality press release in just 24 hours.

Where NewswireNEXT really stands out is its dedication to quality. Each press release is written in Associated Press Style by experienced journalists and PR veterans. This ensures that you will receive a high-quality press release written by native English writers and journalists, all of whom are part of an experienced team of experts. Each headline will become an irresistible draw to learn more about your company and what it offers, and it will be supported by facts, quotes and information that enable it to be quickly transformed into a compelling news story.

Moreover, they even offer press release distribution services, where your press release is distributed to a network of more than 500 media organizations in a way that guarantees media placement. For companies that want coverage by leading newspapers and online media outlets, there is simply no better option than NewswireNEXT.

What Is A Press Release?

The modern press release is also known as a “news release,” a “press statement,” and a “media release.” Each of these terms used to describe a press release highlights an important feature of what should be contained within this document. First of all, since it is a “news release,” it should focus on an event, person or activity that is newsworthy. It should be something that is relevant for newspapers, magazines, or online news media sites. Secondly, it is a “press statement.” This means that it is a factual statement, not commentary, opinion or speculation. Thirdly, it is a “media release.” This means that the statement must be distributed in some way. Simply making a statement is not enough – this statement must be handled in such a way that it can reach widespread distribution to relevant members of the media. Generally speaking, a press release should only be one page long. An ideal press release is usually 300 to 500 words long. Anything longer than that is probably not succinct enough to capture the attention of the media. Remember – journalists receive dozens (if not more) of these press releases each day, so yours has to be something that will resonate with them and capture their attention. Moreover, it is very important to think of each press release as being a stimulus for further media coverage. In essence, the press release is an invitation for the media to talk about your company, and in order to do so, you must be able to give them enough facts and information. Think of the press release as being an important tool in your PR and marketing toolkit – it is a way to market your company to the broader public and gain greater visibility.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose NewswireNEXT

When selecting a press release writing service, there are several important factors to take into account. Based on factors like speed of delivery, affordability, and overall quality, NewswireNEXT is the clear leader in press release writing. Here are the top 5 reasons to choose NewswireNEXT:

  • AP Style – All press releases from NewswireNEXT are written in AP style, which makes them much more accessible to journalists. You are doing a lot of the “heavy lifting” for them, by creating a press release in the style and format in which they already work. Briefly stated, AP style simply describes certain conventions about spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting that journalists from most of the world’s leading news organizations follow.
  • Irresistible Headline – Part of the secret in getting news organizations to write about your company is drawing them in with a very compelling story. And, in today’s fast-paced digital world, the way that you do that is with an irresistible headline. This headline should be eye-catching, but it also should be factual and compelling. The headline should approach a topic from a perspective that makes it interesting for journalists to write about.
  • An Obvious Who, Why, What, When, Where and How – Good journalists include a number of facts and details in every story. Informally, these facts are known as the who, what, why, when, where and how of a story. In short, who is doing the activity? Why should we care? And how are they doing it?
  • A Newsworthy Body – A good press release is more than just a catchy title – it is also very newsworthy. Think about today’s very rapid news cycles – journalists and news organizations want to be writing about what is happening “now,” not something that happened a long time ago. They want stories that can become “Breaking News” and capture the attention of readers. Thus, every press release must be newsworthy and explain why it is so important to read now.
  • Concise Formatting and Structure – The best press releases are relatively short and easy to read, no more than 300-500 words each. In addition, they are broken up into short paragraphs and generally have 1-2 quotes from important company officials or executives to help make the story come alive in the minds of readers. At the very end of the press release, there is also room to include an “about us” section that briefly describes a company and what it does.

The Main Purposes of a Press Release

There are several different reasons why a company might decide to issue a press release. What all these reasons have in common is the goal of promoting something that is both significant and important. In some cases, that might be a new product launch. In other cases, it might be the addition of a new key member to the executive leadership of the company. First and foremost, the press release helps to let the media know about this event. It brings this event to their attention. Secondly, the press release lets the media know additional details about your business that might not be apparent or obvious after simply checking out a website or other online resource. Thirdly, the press release is really all about getting greater visibility on the Internet. That is why distribution is so vital to any press release – it matters not just that you are creating high-quality content, but also that you have a specific system for distributing this content as widely as possible.

Tips for Distributing Press Releases

When it comes to distributing press releases and the content found within them, companies have several options. For example, companies could create a “press coverage” section on their website and then simply publish each new press release as part of a continually growing archive. Or, companies could attempt to send out these press releases via social media. For example, the company could include links to the full release via Twitter. And, finally, companies could simply include the press release as part of its ongoing email marketing efforts.

However, what all of these methods of distribution miss is that they are not designed to reach the people who really matter – the journalists and news professionals who depend on press releases to keep them updated with all the latest news and information. Thus, for any company serious about making a big media impact, it is important to find a press release writing service that has a network in place that is capable of reaching these journalists. And that is exactly what NewswireNEXT offers – a proven distribution network that targets Tier 1 media organizations (such as MSNBC and PBS), Fox NBC CBS ABC CW affiliate sites, business publications, blog outlets, mainstream media sites, and other outlets where journalists turn to for news article ideas.

Services Offered by NewswireNEXT

Apart from the Normal ($59) and Extra Fast ($119) cheap press release writing services, NewswireNEXT also offers a full suite of distribution services with features and options that are simply not offered anywhere else. For example, here is just a partial list of all the services offered by NewswireNEXT:

  • Affordable Pricing Structure – For just $199, you can get your company’s story heard by more than 500 leading media organizations around the world. In terms of return on investment (ROI), this is simply an unbeatable value proposition.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Media Pickup – On average, NewswireNEXT distributes your press release to 500+ media sites and organizations. This guarantees maximum media placement. Even better, many of these media sites will transform your press release into a story of their own, which they will share via social media and other platforms.
  • Streamlined User Experience – The website for NewswireNEXT has a very intuitive, streamlined user experience (UX). There is no need to register, and no need to create profiles for a database. Instead, it is very simple to enter a few basic details about your company and then proceed directly to checkout.
  • Free White Label Service – NewswireNEXT is the only press release service of its kind that offers FREE white label service. What this means for your company is that you are able to enhance the value of your press release, as the name of the distributor is not mentioned anywhere on the published press release, report and distribution outlets. Great for PR agencies and marketers who want to resell such services to their clients, without revealing whom they hired for distribution.
  • Coverage on Tier 1 Broadcast Networks – When your press release is distributed, it will be reaching a premium audience. These Tier 1 broadcast networks include some of the world’s most recognized media companies, such as MSNBC and PBS. Thus, not only are you getting wide distribution to 500 media outlets, you are also getting access to the very best of those outlets.
  • Mobile Optimization – Many people today are now using their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to keep up with the world’s events. Thus, it is absolutely essential that every press release be mobile optimized to reflect that fact. Each press release from NewswireNEXT is optimized for Google AMP, Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles. This ensures the widest possible distribution for your press releases.
  • Organic PR Outreach – Most press release distribution services rely solely on News Information Engine (NIE) Circuit for coverage and syndication. However, in today’s era such a strategy is not effective anymore for gaining media coverage. The good news is that NewswireNEXT goes one step further by actually reaching out to the bloggers, journalists and writers who work for some of the world’s leading news organizations. This maximizes the probability that your press release is picked by at least one authority news/business/niche site.
  • Indexed in Leading Search Engines and News Aggregators – Part of the distribution network used by NewswireNEXT consists of the world’s leading search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Thus, your press releases are also automatically added to the “News” sections of those websites, so that they can be indexed, crawled and searched.
  • Comprehensive and Transparent Reporting – Once the press release is successfully distributed and syndicated to hundreds of news sites, you will then receive a comprehensive report detailing exactly where it has been published, along with the live press release links (Links to 500+ successful placements).


As you can see, the online press release can be an extremely powerful way to build awareness of your company within the media. Each professionally written press release will be optimized with an irresistible headline, newsworthy body and all the facts needed to transform that press release into a compelling story. Moreover, using NewswireNEXT, you will have a powerful distribution tool for getting that press release directly into the hands of journalists and writers at some of the world’s top media organizations. That combination of visibility, professionalism and distribution makes NewswireNEXT the best press release writing service, as well as the clear choice for any company looking to grow its business and expand its online profile.

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