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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Preserving Memories

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"Click, Instagram, every day!"

Every time I pick up my phone to snap a picture, my son starts to sing. It has gotten to the point where I can hear him even when he is not home.

Am I really that bad?

I'm a blogger, therefore, I take pictures. I am a little (well, maybe, a lot) obsessed with social media. It's my job, I argue, but it is also my hobby.


It has gotten to the point that my kids check with me before eating, just in case I need to take a picture first.

It is time to stop the madness!

Even though I am physically present, am I really enjoying each and every moment I am posting to my feed?

I am not resolving to give up social media, but, I am going to step back a little. Not every moment needs to be uploaded and shared. Some of my best memories are stored in my mind...and my heart.

This past holiday season, I put my phone down more than I picked it up. I even forgot to take a picture of the Christmas ham, and I can still recall how delicious it was without photographic evidence.

My Instagram feed will still be filled with my favorite smiling faces (and some delicious recipes), but I resolve to spend more time relishing in the moment than trying to find the right angle to snap the perfect picture.

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