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Preparing Your Kids and Students for Disasters

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When disaster strikes, the most vulnerable victims are children. How do we teach children and young people about disasters? How can we equip them in the future for the onslaught of recovery needs, and show them how to survive. PrepBiz created,Hopper's Adventure Books provide a child-friendly, non-threatening approach to teaching young people about disasters.

PrepBiz has also partnered with Microsoft Skype for the classroom to teach kids disaster literacy globally. They have also collaborated with IBM and the Weather Company to use their technology to help bring awareness and educate youth on disaster literacy and other weather occurrences.

The creator, Kenneth Bibbins says, “Children represent a quarter of the U.S. population." Kids are strong and resilient in the face of disasters, often adapting to stresses that weaken most adults, and yet they are also incredibly vulnerable. Young children, in particular, are completely dependent upon many systems in their lives for their survival: their parents, their broader families and communities, the institutions and organizations that care for them, teach them, and shape their environment."

A clinical physiologist and entrepreneur, Bibbins is CEO of PrepWorld, LLC, an educational technology company. He led the housing repatriation efforts, providing services for thousands of New Orleans residents returning after Hurricane Katrina.

In addition to usage of the Weather Company's technology, PrepBiz uses IBM Watson artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and empathetic chat bots in this initiative to educate youth on disasters. PrepBiz educational tools materials and application helps to develop non-cognitive skills that are as fundamental as cognitive skills in explaining how we learn and if we succeed. Those non-cognitive skills – that is, not what you know but how you behave – are far more important in emergency situations than non-threatening situations. Knowledge is not the sole tool we want in emergency situations.

The value of having knowledge is knowing how to make choices using that knowledge--- which is what PrepBiz teaches. PrepBiz promotes youth engagement knowledge for better outcomes in emergencies, disasters and other life-threatening situations and may help ameliorate trauma some youth experience post disaster.

To learn more about PrepBiz and purchase their books, click here.

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