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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Preemie Moms and Dads ROCK!

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It was almost 3 years ago till this day (Nov. 17th, National Preematurity Awareness Day) that my micropreemie (weighing less than 2lbs) came into this world super early (25 weeks and 3 days) and screaming at the top of her quickly developed lungs. I destinctively remember how trying it was to be a NICU parent and navigate life in the NICU. The stress of having a less than healthy baby, the strain of traveling between home and hospital twice a day, the physical weakness after giving birth, sleep deprivation, and the pain of having to leave my babies at the hospital were all very real. With all of those physical and emotional stressors, who has time to plan meals? Who considers going out for a movie or a dinner date? I certainly did not. But those things are so important.

Preemie Moms Rock was started for those reasons. I've found that NICU parents (particularly Moms, because we are Moms) neglect themselves. Forgetting to eat and having to grab fast food. Never unplugging to take some time away from the stress. Through Preemie Moms Rock, we hope to provide meals, opportunities to get away, and hopeful conversation to Preemie Moms and families.

My experience helped create a non-profit organization to help other Moms and families to whom I can relate. I am building a community of Preemie Moms who want to give back.

Afterall, Preemie Moms Rock!!!

And Dads too!


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