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Precious Digital Time Capsules

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My daughter has been such a gift in my life and as she has grown, I can't bear to delete any voicemails I receive from her! Her mom and I divorced when she was very young and although we co-parent well, those weekends when my little girl is with her mom are met with mixed feelings. I can admit to a certain carefree air on the first night she's away, but by Sunday, I'm getting a little antsy!

On her weekends away or evenings with her mom, my daughter usually has some reason to call and if I miss the call, she'll leave a voicemail. The best part of the message is her "Hi Dad, it's me, Jordie", so I was saving all my
voicemails and it was getting to be bad. I needed to switch phones and couldn't
figure out how to save the messages in a mp3 from the phone service, not to
mention I had to resave them regularly or I would lose them entirely!

I used a company Voicemails Forever and it saved me!! I now have quite a collection of phone calls from my daughter- ALL of them starting with Hi Dad, it's me- Jordie..."
and she's soon to be 13.

I LOVE listening to the progression of her voice and her humor and I know that I can keep saving them until she graduates. I plan to share them with her mom on some special occasion - college graduation or marriage. But for now, they are mini time-capsules of one of the things dearest to me and for which I am grateful every day!

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