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Postpartum And How To Give Time To Yourself & Dress Setup

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The postpartum is a period comprising the recovery period from the time when it gives birth. It usually requires a period of 6 weeks from delivery.

From that moment it is very important to take care of yourself, since our body will have to adapt to a long series of changes.

If you are breastfeeding, it is more than likely that you will not have the period until breastfeeding finally stops (and this could take months). If we have opted for artificial lactation, then the rule could reappear after 30 or 40 days from that moment.

The muscles of the abdomen and pelvis will also have to return to their normal position; the change of position is due to muscle tears and over distention to which they are subjected during pregnancy. It is also common to have a certain constipation, incontinence of urine (especially in the first hours).

At the time of feeding yourself, of taking care of your body, of beginning with breastfeeding or of resuming sexual relations. Banish these behaviors and you will feel better.

Do not listen to your body

The puerperium (the six weeks your body needs to return to normal after childbirth) is not an easy stage. Many factors influence: the baby is your new priority, you do not rest at all, and the stitches hurt, the relationship changes.

Keep in mind that every woman recovers at her own pace and it is not good to force the body. If you see that your daily activity exhausts you, rest. This is not the time to make an effort to reverse the recovery. It is also not advisable to carry a lot of weight until you have recovered.

Do not monitor your mood

That you feel sad and exhausted a few weeks is logical; is related to hormonal change, with fatigue and concern for the new responsibility. But if this sensation gets longer or worsens, talk to a doctor: you may suffer postpartum depression, a disorder that affects, to a greater or lesser extent, 10% of women.

Drinking enough water

For your body to recover you should drink about 2 or 3 liters of fluid per day (especially if you breastfeed).

In addition, if you complete it with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help you avoid constipation (if this is not enough to combat the problem ask your doctor what you can take, because not all laxatives are compatible with breastfeeding).

What to wear

Look good, be comfortable and make it easy to breastfeed: Dressing well after delivery is a challenge. And is that having a baby after 9 months of sweet waiting is one of the most exciting and expected moments of pregnancy . Finally we have our child in our arms and our body will return to normal, however, everything has its time and most likely we still have to wait a few weeks to begin to recover our body and be able to wear our favorite clothes.

Although we all know that during pregnancy our body can change completely, only few of us realize that it will also change after delivery. From kilos of more to the surprising size of the belly, the difficulties that every new mom has to dress does not end at the moment of the birth. In fact they continue, and the typical “I have nothing to wear” becomes more real than ever, in addition to having to breastfeed make dressing a challenge.

In this new stage it is important to make a change of clothes, look good and take care after delivery will help us avoid postpartum depression.

At this point we do not want to continue wearing the pregnancy clothes, but we do not t the ones we used before the tummy. It is that finding the ideal clothes for a body that has just given birth can be a challenge. But do not worry! It is only a matter of knowing what clothes for after childbirth favors us and find the style that is best for us now and help us to continue with our role as breast: comfortable clothes that can facilitate breastfeeding.

TIP: It is important to look good after childbirth as this increases our self-esteem and will help us fight depression.

Use cardigans

The cardigans are a basic garment in the wardrobe of any woman, whether she is pregnant, postpartum or not. These sweaters are elegant and light and are perfect for camouflaging all the parts that do not look good on our body after giving birth, such as a bulging belly.

The cardigans or open jackets produce an optical effect that also helps us to hide the showy breasts and the leaks of the first weeks of our postpartum. If you wear an open cardigan over any other garment, it will help to conceal the waist area.

Wear colors on the neck with scarves and pashminas

Everything is about getting the eyes to address the parts of the body that we like most of us, so if you wear beautiful scarves, scarves or pashminas in intense and striking tones, you will capture all eyes towards the area of your face and shoulders, letting lose the visual interest in the rest of your body. There are infinities of models among which you can choose.

Opt for fabrics with a lot of fall

What we look for in garments for after childbirth is to stylize the figure and to achieve it there is no better than garments made with fabrics of great fall that adapt to the body and do not form very marked folds or bags in the areas of the chest and belly.

This type of soft fabrics fall better on your body than those thick and heavy, because when released slightly they do not stick to the waist and therefore they disguise it a little.

While we have many things to take care of, it is worth taking some time for us and buying fashionable clothes that make us look beautiful, because not only will we feel good with our appearance but we will also have the courage to fight the postpartum depression and overcome this important moment as a new mom.

Remember that the important thing is that you enjoy your beautiful baby and this new stage as a mom, so do not get too obsessed with your appearance. Your body has undergone many changes and you have to give it your time to return to being the same as always. In the meantime, use all these clothes after the birth that t you and wait patiently for your new exercised and slender body.

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