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Please Don't Set That There: Why I Insist That My Kitchen Island Stays Clean

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You might walk into my house and accuse me of being a minimalist. Or a neat freak.

That's OK. I own it; And frankly, it doesn't bother me.

Btw...I beg you. Please don't walk in and set your keys, phone, crap things on my kitchen island.

I work laboriously to keep that bad-boy clean and clear. Going so far as to follow my husband around, picking up and placing his crap things in their designated spot. {Don't judge...Some old dogs can't learn new trick s}

img_4666.jpg Annoying? Perhaps. But...

You see, like many domestic engineers, some days life can feel out of control. And personal choices seem limited; schedules are driven by the needs of others. And, that's ok. It's all part of this season.

But, cleaning off that damn island makes me feel calm; And like I am in the driver's seat of my surroundings. It doesn't mean I don't enjoy visitors and guests. Because, I do. That's different.

It's about clutter. And chaos.

It doesn't have to be an island. Maybe it's your car. Closet. Laundry room. Pantry.

Decluttering and purging can be liberating~Whatever your motivation might be.

You can start small: One drawer, cabinet, closet, shelf at a time.

Make piles: keep, toss, donate.

Don't think. Go with your immediate reaction. Done.

Load it into your car. Immediately. Schlep that stuff off to the local charity. (Try not to drive around with the bags for weeks-because inevitably you will find yourself digging through it searching for that faded T-shirt!)

Making your house a home often starts by removing the value of the things.

I've learned that the stuff is not what is important. It's the experiences. And the people you share them with.

So. I challenge you.

Clean house. One junk drawer at a time. I swear... you will find it incredibly rewarding.

By simplifying your living space-you can feed your spirit and clear your mind.

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Oh, and next time you stop by, please don't forget to set your keys in the dish provided by the door.


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