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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

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Some of us are leaning into exercise or cleaning.

Some of us are leaning into food or alcohol.

Some of us are leaning into faith or meditation.

Some of us are leaning into work or our families.

Some of us are leaning into others or the abyss of the internet.

Some of us are leaning into our tv sets and radios and the "noise."

Some of us are leaning into our beds and Netflix.

And some of us are leaning away from all of it and people and leaning into (and perhaps hermitting as) ourselves.


Because none of that matters.

Nothing about what you've been choosing to comfort you during a seemingly neverending pandemic defines you.

You know, there's something we all need to lean into, and that's GRACE, and giving it readily and excessively -- to ourselves and others.

Grace is the only train you need to be on.

It's the only circle you need to be in.

It's the community cup from which you can drink the Kool-Aid.

2022 is sure to be another heavy one, so I ask you to join me in leaving behind guilt and judgment and riding out the year to be with humor, lightness, patience, benevolence, and widespread acceptance in tow.

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