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Challenge: We love our pets


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Animals throughout the world
Are a gift to the human race
So much so, a few end up
Alongside us in our space

Does not matter, money spent
Won't guarantee a happy pet
Tending to the furry friend
With kindness is the only bet

Our pets are often better
Than some humans that we face
Gift unconditional love
Coupled with loyalty and grace

Pets teach children to be kind
Simply by being here or there
Kids are quick to understand
They deserve compassion and care

Pets don't judge our shortcomings
They have no malice with intent
In essence, they are perfect
And a friend to one’s heart’s content

Sure they may make the odd mess
Wreck a sandal or shed some fur
Wake us when we want to sleep
With a bark or perhaps a purr

But since they can be playful
Any harsh feelings wash away
As is the case with children
They're not meant only to obey

Households pets around the globe
Have meant so much to some people
With all the recent lockdowns
They saved lives in place of steeples

They are marvelous creatures
Can even sense when something's up
Cute, four-legged therapists
Earnestly help refill our cups

And then one day they leave us
Rainbow bridge becomes theirs to cross
The sorrow felt inside the home
Is that of a family member loss

Pets live with us forever
In our hearts is where they stay
Just as with people we love
They're pals for forever and a day

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