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Personal Hygiene Tips For Your Routine - Keep Infections Away, Everyday

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Personal hygiene, let’s face it, is boring sometimes. Washing, brushing, bathing, flossing – day in and day out, we agree, it’s monotonous. However, just like you know you’d suffocate without breathing, know that you will fall sick more often, if you skip personal hygiene.

The human body is a surprisingly genial breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, if you let your guard down on hygiene. Then, with so much contact with people at public spaces, and plummeting hygiene levels at hospitals, buffet restaurants, casinos, and other public areas; the risks multiply to a hazardous level.

Let’s give you reasons to cheer up, here are some pretty easy to follow hygiene tips and tricks, broken into two heads – food hygiene, and hygiene at public places.

Food Hygiene

We’re sure you know better than keeping food in the open for long. But there’s more to food hygiene. Here are some rules and practices –

  • Don’t store poultry products such as eggs, seafood, and meats close to your other food stuffs.
  • The ideal temperature for storing food in the fridge is 5 degrees Centigrade.
  • Avoid packing your refrigerator with lot of food. Allow cold air to circulate in the refrigerator.
  • Don’t let raw food juices drip and come in touch with other foods.
  • Keep separate cutting board and cutting knives for meats and other foods.
  • Don’t wash your meats in the sink area; this spreads germs and bacteria in the sink area. There’s no need really, as cooking anyways takes care of the germs.

Hygiene at Public Places

Public recreation places are hotbeds of bacterial and germ related infections. However, there’s no avoiding public contact, for most of us, at least. Use this tips to stay germ free.

  • Wear a face mask whenever possible, so that you stay immune from macro-sized germs and bacteria that reach your body via mouth.
  • Make sure your office facilities care staff cleans floors, desks, door handles, monitors and keyboards, everyday.
  • When in public recreation spots, especially malls, and theatres, and casinos, avoid shaking hands with others, use your handkerchief to cover your nose and mouth if someone close to you is sneezing or coughing.
  • Consider wearing thin gloves if you feel the need to touch a lot of objects (for instance, at a casino).

It’s okay to be very particular about personal hygiene, so adopt these tips and practices today, and keep diseases at bay.

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