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Challenge: Perfectly Imperfect Parenting

Perfect parents don’t exist; it’s all about perception.

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Plain and simple, parenting means dealing with the hand you’ve been dealt.

It means your perception of the situation will make all the difference because that perception has tremendous power for your well being and for those around you. If you are well, your family dynamic is afloat.

The way you decided to accept the hand you’ve been dealt, the dedication you put into moving forward to work with your situation, the way you decide to pursue it.

It means your willingness to be present; mentally just as much as physically.

It means finding that motivation and sticking to it, hanging on with every thread to make the best of this hand that you’ve been dealt.

It means mindfulness, being so very aware. Your own mindful self compassion can sustain you and as a result allow you to sustain your children, which is the main goal after all.

In order to be a good parent, you must believe that you are worthy; self care and self compassion will result from knowing your worth, which will thereafter result in “better” parenting. After all, how can you keep giving from your cup if you never top it up.

Your child is the core of all the work that you do and they need that cluster of support; you are the cluster in itself. Be present and be willing.

So your mindset is where it all begins; the day you are dealt that hand. It’s only understandable if you feel that you lack a sense of direction; you find yourself thinking “what do I do?”

The best way I can think about it is, every good day, is one less bad. That mentality is where you begin. Anchor yourself, the seas are always changing, but you’re as strong as the largest ship, strong enough to stay anchored.

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