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Perfect Gift Ideas for Expecting Parents

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New and expecting parents are a difficult breed to buy gifts for. There is so much that they need and could use, but then again having a baby is an extremely personal experience. You don’t want to step your boundaries or take away any magic of baby shopping.

Before we proceed to our suggestions, we have a quick tip. Make your gift into a themed basket. Add matching accessories to your main gift and preferably a personal message from you. With that in mind, here are our ideas on some of the best gifts you can buy for expecting parents.


A Baby Bath Tub

While most parents will eventually buy one, a baby bath tub is a great gift for expecting parents. Like we discussed, customize the gift with some accessories. Add some bath time toys with the bath tub, a cute towel hoodie, and maybe even some scented candles. The candles are of course for the parents not really the baby.

As a gift, we recommend you got for a padded product that comes with soft inner cushioning that keeps the baby safe during the bath. Other features include a baby sling, built-in thermometers, extendable sizes, and positioners. Choose a good baby bath tub for the recipients of your amazing gift.

Baby Food Makers

Many health-conscious parents are weary when it comes to feeding their babies products bought off a shelf. They want to be involved in the food making process as their baby grows older. Baby food makers help them with this phase.

Again, add some baby recipe books, some personal humor, and maybe even some cute baby bottles to assemble your gift basket. One fun product you may want to add is a baby food dispensing spoon. It is simply a squeezable soft bottle with a spoon at the end. The parents fill up the bottle with baby food and as they squeeze if fills up the spoon which they can use to feed the child.

Rocking Chair / Comfy Sofa for the Nursery

What many expecting parents do not expect is the heavy amount of time they spend soothing and rocking their newborn. Soothing while standing is exhausting and while sitting is uncomfortable and limits motion. A rocking chair is a perfect solution for young parents. Of course this is one of the bigger items on our idea list but it is one of the best ones.

You can customize the covering or cushions of the chair/sofa to be baby friendly and present it as your gift to these new parents.

Baby Equipment Like Baby Bouncer, Baby Walker or Baby Jumper

If case you want to be more creative and present the expecting mom something that will be highly effective for the baby, a baby jumper, bay walker or baby bouncer will be great as a gift. These are super helpful equipment for the parents to take great care of their babies.

Baby Grooming Kit

The expecting parents will buy oils, moisturizers, shampoos, soaps, and what not for the baby. You can surprise them early by gifting them a baby grooming kit. Do not buy one off the shelf but assemble it yourself. It is best to include organic oils and other organic products which are best for babies.

To make this personal, cute, and amazing, add the cutest parts of the grooming kit. A cute baby hairbrush, sweet little nail clippers, thermometer, maybe even some tips on how to style babies. My personal favorite is adding an empty photo album to encourage parents to capture the best looking moments of their baby and keep the memories forever.

For the Parents

There are so many gifts and products for babies that most of the essentials will already be covered by parents themselves. In such times, parents often lose sight of themselves. That is where you step in with the perfect gifts.

Food Delivery Maps and Vouchers

New parents will be overwhelmed and tired. As their dear friend, you may want to construct a helpful list of their favorite food places that offer delivery. If possible, buy some long-lasting vouchers or coupons for those places. For the first week, you may even offer food delivery services for all three meals! Set up a meal prep and delivery plan.

Good Soft Music

Ahhh! Soft melody not only soothes a baby but also parents. Buy them a collection of the best music and maybe even a small portable device to play it on. Believe me, it will one of the best gifts that they will thank you for, for years to come.

New Camera

If they do not already own one, get the parents a good camera. Let them record the precious moments of their infant. Of course, you will be bombarded with dozens of these cute pictures every day, but that’s okay.

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