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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Parenting is Complicated

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Being a parent is the most complicated thing I’ve ever done, but it's absolutely worth it.

You want your space and when you get it, you watch old videos of your kids.

You’re happy when your kids spend quality time at the grandparents, but then you FaceTime

You can’t wait for bed and sleep, and when you get it, you’re up half the night worrying about your kids and their future.

You want them to do things themselves but are emotionally wounded when they don’t need you.

You are tired, so tired, but your eyes fill with tears and your heart physically aches when you think about them being gone all day at school. What if they need you? What if they miss you?

You sigh with irritation when you see it's almost dismissal time, but your eyes anxiously look for them at pick-up and you hug them like it’s been ages.

Yeah your kids can be little sassholes and super annoying, but nobody else is allowed to call them that.

Another after school activity? Sure it’s a lot of planning, chauffeuring and drill-sergeanting, but you’re gonna reserve the front row seat with a fully charged phone for recording on performance day.

You loudly declare that they will eat whatever you make for dinner or they won't eat at all, but you always keep a stash of Dino nuggets and cheese sticks on hand because you really don’t want them to starve.

Sometimes you let them sleep with you when it’s 1 am, sometimes you chase them back to their room. Why? Because they’re cute and adorable - and you’re weak.

Bedtime is promptly at 8 pm (I tell myself), but Lord knows I’m going to sneak in there when they fall asleep and stare at their little freckled faces.

Uncomplicated? Yes

Worth it? Absolutely

Why? Love. We love our kids with every molecule of our being,


and love is un complicated.

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