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Packing up baby items

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Does anyone else get really sad when it is time to pack up the baby items? I put away the jungle mat today, and it really hit me. Finley used it a lot and Tommi was not as interested. But putting it away, for maybe the last time sucked. It just reminds me that the kids are getting bigger. We are keeping the baby items, all of them, "just in case." I always thought I was going to only have one kid, a daughter. Then I decided that I wanted another child, and was lucky with a boy. Now I really think that there is one missing, and one more would not be bad. But then sometimes I feel everything is perfect, and I should just have two. My hubby and I decided to wait until two years, before we decide if we are going to have a third. He is leaning more towards not, and I am leaning for yes. I love having kids, more than I thought I would. There is nothing better to watch these little versions of you grow up, and have personalities.

I was really worried when I was pregnant with my second child, that first one would not feel the love and attention she deserved, and now I can not remember my life with only one child. Would I feel the same with two?
I think it makes things easier when putting away baby clothing and toys to know they may be used again. I am a bit too sentimental. I wish I did not have that trait!

Things I love right now:

1. Watching kids in their Jolly Jumper.

2. Knowing tonight my husband and I get to watch new episodes of our Sunday night tradition. Something we have been doing since we started dating.

3. My paper is DONE!

Things I strongly am bothered by:

1. My being so darned sentimental

2. All the work that needs to be done on the house.

3. My kids are growing too fast

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