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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Our resolutions

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2016 was the worst year ever first of all. No matter how hard I've tried as a mom and a wife to keep our family together something or someone kept tearing us apart. We watch My husband , my son's dad get sicker and sicker . Then on October 23 of 2016 he went to hospital for something so simple and he died two days later in there. Left me and our son alone no one there for us. It broke us as we saw him dead laying in the hospital bed . my son try to wake his dad up but he was gone. All our plans and dreams and goals were gone. I had to be both mom and dad and make all decisions for us. our son is only 6. I promise our son that 2017 will be different I'm going to do My best to get us back on our feet. Our resolutions may seem easy for some but not for me . Our resolutions is to find an apartment for us, and our son wants to be an actor /singer. He loves to sing it really puts a smile on his face and he loves to make people happy with his singing. My son right now being home school because of everything. My resolution is just trying to make our son happy. He really deserves it. We didn't celebrate halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas. We on ssdi from his dad so only gets so much . But I won't let it stop me from making my son dreams come true.

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