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Our children are struggling; their lives are a chaotic mess.

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We’ve all established that we’re tired.

We’re frustrated.
We’re worn out.
We’re anxious.
We’re worried.
We’re fed up.

But... have we thought about how it’s weighing down our children?

I was thinking about how I’ve been feeling lately as I watched my kids play on their bikes like they do all day, every day.

And I noticed that they’ve been so easily agitated lately.

We’re trying our best to shield them and keep them busy but the reality is, they are weary and frustrated and confused.

They are feeling it all just like us.

They are bored and tired.
Just like us.

They don’t truly understand why they can’t play with the neighbours kids or why they can’t see their cousins.

They don’t really understand why the parks are closed.

Time has stopped and the days are passing us by swiftly in bundles of madness while leaving our children frustrated, just like us.

To a small child, something scary is going on and they can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Something they don’t fully understand.

Something that has them feeling uneasy and with every right.

Something causing chaos in their small worlds.

It’s only normal that they’ve been affected by everything just like us.

Let’s try to keep in mind that their feelings are valid and very much justified.

Let’s try to keep in mind that although they may be little, they too have feelings bigger than they can comprehend.

Our children are struggling, let’s be mindful of their feelings.



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