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Old friends are the best of friends...

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How is it that these two beautiful women can have such a huge impact on my heart?
Is it due to history... knowing one for thirty-five years and the other for thirty-three?

The funny thing about this remarkable friendship of ours is that we have not all lived in the same state for thirty-one years...

Thirty-one years of long distance friendship built on the foundation of a middle school friendship.

My connection to these two women gives me hope for teen friendships and focusing on the shining light and connection, rather than the negative and caddy behaviors society often imposes on teen girls.

The bumpy waters of being a teenage girl can be brutal...
the trials of heartbreak, breakouts, smelly armpits, inclusion and so often feelings of exclusion and self-doubt, but with these two by my side, as a teen, life was easier.

Thirty-one years later, life is still easier with them in it.
It’s been thirty-one years of not knowing the intricate details of each other’s daily lives but rather knowing the heart and soul of each other.

I know in a moment I can text or pick up the phone and they are there.
These two women don’t need to know the fine details, they just know me...
and that’s the beauty.

They love, respect and cherish me so much that the day to day moments that usually take over, don’t play a role.

They just want to know how they can support me, whether it’s to listen, make me belly laugh, allow me to cry or just sit on the phone in silence.

They are women of faith who truly practice love, kindness and spreading their droplets of compassion daily, amongst all who have the pleasure of knowing them.

They are encouragers who don’t expect anything in return.

They celebrate in the joys and cry with the tears.

They challenge me when needed and show me new paths and ways of being.

They accept my silly ways and love me for it even more, even my love for dancing, biscuits and gravy and shrimp and grits at two in the morning.

When the miles get too far and life gets to be too much, as it often does, I know I am one phone call or text away from being encouraged, supported and loved... and for that, I am truly blessed.

I just hope to one day grow up to be like these two souls...


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