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Ode to the Late Night Dicers, Early Morning Slicers, and Parents Making Dinner Everywhere

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Someday we will cook a normal dinner at a normal time again.

It will be 6:35 and we will open up a cookbook and the fridge and then sit down with a glass of wine at 7:15.

But that day is not today. Nor will it be tomorrow.

Because Monday will bring meetings and morning meltdowns, so it’s best to get those taco bowls ready the night before.

And Tuesday will bring traffic and show and tell at school, so we will get up far before the sun to boil some rice and sauté vegetables.

Then Wednesday we will have soccer, deadlines, and late client calls, so how does everyone feel about frozen waffles for dinner?

Thursday brings leftovers because we can’t keep our eyes open on Wednesday night to overcook some chicken or crockpot something that will get picked at.

By Friday, it’s pizza. Because Friday, and pizza.

Does this sound familiar?


If so, and you are up baking at 10 PM, or dicing at 5 AM, just know that I see you.

If you are microwaving at 5:30 PM, or picking up the phone to order takeout at 6:15 PM while driving home, I see you.

Even when your kids don’t see it, because “can’t we just have chicken nuggets?”

Even when your spouse doesn’t see it, because “what’s for dinner?” wasn’t meant to be a contentious question.

Even when coworkers don’t see it, but remain confused as to why you smell like tacos at 8 AM.

Know that I see it. I see you.

And I must say, dinner smells delicious, and you’re doing such a great job.

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