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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

Not everyone likes you, and it’s OK

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Can I let you in on a little secret?

Not everyone likes you.

I mean, maybe not right now, but at some point in your life, there will be people that don’t like you.

People that don’t get you.

People that roll their eyes when you start speaking.

People that ignore you when you walk into a room.

People that won’t make room for you at their table.

Want to know another little secret?

It doesn’t matter.

Not even a little.

You see, you aren’t here in this life to make everyone happy. You aren’t here to be everyone’s favorite. You aren’t here to be perfect.

Everyone can’t be your focus.

And once you realize that truth and stop trying to understand why some people ice you out or talk behind your back or don’t like the sound of your voice, well that’s when you can really start living!

Next time you walk into a room and start to panic about someone there not liking you, remember this secret: it doesn’t matter.

The people that love you, they matter.

The things that bring you joy, they matter.

The values around which you build your life, they matter.

Even if you don’t matter to everyone - you matter to the important ones.

So, get out there and live your life. Let the haters fade into the background where they belong.

And let your true self shine bright.

It matters.


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