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No More Babies in the House

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On the eve of this boy’s 6th birthday I am having all the FEELS! The “baby” of our family is officially out of the little kid years and is about to achieve big kid status. I’ve been down this road of baby to big kid two other times. So while it is not a new transition, it is just a bittersweet one. I know what six means. Six means years go by at lighting speed and I will blink and he will be 12.

I feel like it was just the other day I could have sworn I was a young mom with three kids 5 and under. I still think of myself as that mom of three little kids. But yet, here I am today with my youngest child turning SIX! Now, I am a little older of a mom who has three older kids. While I know moms of even older kids are shaking their heads thinking, just wait until your children are really BIG kids. I get it. But I think this particular realization, the one that makes me face the fact that I am not a mom of little ones anymore, is a tough one to swallow.

While I don’t wish to trade our current stage for those baby years, I do wish time would slow down! I I keep telling my “older/future self” to enjoy these days as I will blink again and another 6 years will go by. Don't worry, I will be celebrating big with this little “big” guy tomorrow, but I will also be crying inside a little that my baby isn’t so little anymore.

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