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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

No matter the season, we are still the stars of our own lives.

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My favorite little tree in my backyard is in full bloom right now.

For just these few short weeks each year, this little tree graces us with absolute beauty as she shares her full white blossoms for the world to see.

It’s hard to not gasp a little each time I catch a glimpse of her lately as I rush head-down through the hustle and bustle of this season of life.

And in those moments when she catches my eye, I stop for just a moment to marvel at her tiny window of perfection.

Yes, for a brief period each year, she is the star of our backyard.

Then her lovely white blooms fall to the ground, covering our patio with a mess that we must clean and she turns her attention not to shining but to growing.

And even then, without her dazzling full blossoms, she is still the star of our backyard.

Listen friends, all of us are a bit like this beautiful tree.

None of us shine perfectly all year long.

Sometimes we are focused on growing and nurturing ourselves - much like how my little tree stands quiet and reliable all year long whether she is blooming, growing, or just surviving.

Sometimes it feels like the purpose of our existence is solely to provide comfort for others - much like her lush green leaves that cover us in shade for the warm summer months.

Sometimes we are just silent shells of ourselves - much like her bare limbs and branches that continue to weather all of the storms during the harshness of winter.

But sometimes everything comes into alignment and we allow the real version of ourselves to shine - for all to see.

In those moments we dazzle others with our inner beauty and leave people feeling so very grateful for us.

If right now is not your blooming season, don’t give up on yourself.

Even in the coldest darkest days of winter, we are still beautiful - inside and out.

No matter the season, we are still the stars of our own lives.

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