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Challenge: WHO Are You?

No, I'm not "just" a mom

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I'm the doer of the things.

The planner of the plans.

The backup in the backup plan.

I'm the boo-boo kisser,

the band-aid giver,

the pain take-awayer.

I'm the shopper.

I'm the stopper.

I'm the "Don't you even think about that again-er."

I'm the hugger,

the constant shrugger,

the mom-eyeing, mean-mugger.

I'm the helper.

I'm the reader.

I'm the eternal feeder.

I'm hot.

Then I'm cold.

Sometimes I play the hand.

Sometimes I fold.

I’m versatile.

I'm a guide.

I'm a one-woman tribe.

I'm a cheerleader.

I'm the captain.

I'm the coach and a teammate.

So, no, I'm not "just" a mom.

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