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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

News Flash: No one has it "going on" better than you

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News Flash...

No one has it "going on" better than you.

In fact, no one knows what the hell is going on,




No one knows what they are doing with their lives and their time and if they are spending both right.

On what matters.

On what's important.

Because it's essential to work, right?

Or then you can't afford the important people and things that matter to you.

And, so, we all struggle through a day to day that leaves a giant lot of us feeling like everyone else around us

"has it going on,"

when really,

nobody does.

Not that top-selling realtor friend of yours who lives down the street.

Surely not the money-making uber-skilled doctor who feels incredibly overhelped and even helpless these days.

Not the woman on the tv who misses her child's school drop every morning so she can get to work on time.

Not the woman who (lucky her) is free of a nine to five but never from the guilt that a stay-at-home, non-monetarily-contributing mom feels.

Not the dad who works so hard to provide for his family but hardly sees the family he's working so hard to provide for.

No one "has it better than you."

No one is better than you.

No one is working harder than you.

Everyone is working on their own hard, or themselves, and that complicated sh*t CONNECTS US ALL.

And the quicker each of us comes to terms with that and seeks each other out to bond over it, the better.

Because every adult person I talk to...

like e-v-e-r-y adult,

is feeling challeneged.

Like they aren't keeping par.

Like they're in the losing lane of a neverending race.

And each is seeking a balance that may never be found.

Between work and family.

Between other-care and self-care.

Between being present and having your presence be of great value.

And each of us can benefit from encouragement and support.

And just knowing that we aren't alone in this crazy pandemic-plagued world.

Not today.

Not tomorrow.

Not ever.

That, at all times, someone somewhere, or heck,

someone in your neighborhood,

school pickup line,

behind you in the grocery checkout,

or even inside your own home

feels just as you do --



anxious even?

But also...



and motivated to

be a more peaceful and content member of the world,

the general public,

and of their own family.

Vulnerability feels uncomfortable, and honesty can feel embarrassing; I get it.

But do you know what's even more silently painful and humiliating?

Going through life and each day pretending that your grass is always green and boasting that you never struggle tending to yours when people can see right through that.

You know,

at the end of the day,

whether it's your grass,

my grass,

Adele's grass,

or Tom Brady's grass,

it all grows from a pile of dirt

and each of us, and everyone else you know, is just doing the best we can to make something from our soil and be happy with whatever that is.

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