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Newborn babies sleep and breastfeed timing

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From the physiological point of view, the newborn stomach emptying every 3 hours or so will be the first. In theory, breastfeeding is breastfeeding on demand, there is no strict time limit. However, if more than 3 hours, the baby was still asleep, the baby should wake up, you can take the following approach: change the baby, touching the newborn limbs, palms and soles of the feet, gently massage the ear lobe, the baby wake up.

If the above does not work, can be another way, the mother the baby with one hand is holding the head and neck, the other hand is holding the baby’s waist and hips, picked up the infant level, on the chest, light light shaking several times, the baby will open your eyes, baby awake, the mother can breastfeed the baby. Mixed feeding or artificial feeding of infants, breast-feeding should be every 3-4 hours once.

With the growth of neonatal age, every newborn has their different character, will gradually form their own dietary laws, there will be a natural extension of neonatal feeding at night interval. Parents should carefully observe the newborn, if the newborn poor response to stimuli, do not cry no trouble, apathetic, or positions in the white complexion dark, cold limbs, shortness of breath or irregular unsteadiness, it is likely that neonatal suffering from certain diseases, should go to the hospital in time. If the baby breathing regularity, smooth, energetic, ruddy complexion, the mother may not have to worry about. This baby is the quiet type, characterized by sleep much, do not like crying, little reaction to external stimuli, sometimes there is no active feeding requirements, need to wake up every 3-4 hours.

It should be noted that if the feeding interval is too long, decreased blood glucose will occur, causing malnutrition, so the mother must first understand how much milk the baby needs to eat in the end. Fed by the mother of their number and the amount of control is the most scientific method of feeding. Mothers know their children best, they are often based on their observations to breastfeed her child. However, a new born baby, mothers should pay attention to the following questions:

1, the children crying may not be hungry: to see if it is wet diaper? There is no physical discomfort, such as the skin above the long stuff, stomach pain or stuffed nose, etc.?

2, infant feeding too many times should pay attention: It is not the position the baby does not suck, it does not have enough milk? Each feeding time is too short, children do not eat?

3, always sleep when the baby Note: The child is not sick? Breast pump if the child can not open eyes, we must adhere to breastfeed her child, that eyes closed situation seen in some infants still relatively quiet child Personality , not a sickness.
In short, to give children more sucking and a lot of observation, the mother feeding the baby will soon learn the demand. In general, mothers and children after 2-3 weeks of study, will be very understanding, and gradually form a law.

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