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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Husbands, never doubt your wife's ability to mother

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You can doubt she can make pancakes without burning them; at least on one side.

You can doubt that she will ever be satisfied with her weight.

I’m even fine with you doubting whether or not she can or even wants to successfully stick to all of her resolutions for the new year.

You can doubt her artistic abilities and whether or not the crafts she does with your children are “Pinterest-worthy.”

You can doubt how much you think she can get done in one day.


And absolutely go ahead and doubt the possibility of you and her ever taking that month-long dream vacation you thought you would eventually take one day.

But, what you never, ever have the right to doubt is her abilities as a mother.

Just don’t do it.

And, she will be an easy target.

She’ll be exhausted. She’ll be disheveled in her appearance and her mentality. She’ll likely be confusing and confused, and she may even be “awkward.” But, don’t you dare, for even one-half of a second, doubt the abilities of that woman your children call “Mommy.”

Never doubt a woman who has been brave enough to decide to have children.

Never doubt a woman who has selflessly given up her body to its temporary inhabitants, be it once or multiple times.

Never doubt a woman who has chosen to use a surrogate, to foster or to adopt.

Never doubt a woman who has been willing to let her heart live outside of her body for a minimum of 18 years.

Never doubt a woman who has sacrificed one of her defining female features — her breasts — to care for the body of her infant or toddler.

Never doubt a woman who has made the confident decision to use formula instead of breast milk, just because she has the right to.

Never doubt a woman who wakes up day in and day out and gives of herself to you, her children and her home.

Never doubt a woman who stays at home with her children, as she believes that is where she makes the most difference.

Never doubt a woman who takes the kids to school and goes to work outside of the home. How freakin’ admirable and “boss” of her to simultaneously tend to two passions.

There is so much that us mothers will accept you doubting.

I could care less if my husband doubts my ability to remember to close our power-sliding van door every day.

I can understand why he doubts my ability to never leave wet clothes in the washer for days at a time.

I’m even okay with him doubting what it is that I do all day because I know when he spends one “day in the life” he will figure it out.

BUT, never does he ever doubt my abilities as a mother and no one ever should doubt yours either.

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