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My too sweet kid doesn't need to change, she Just needs good self-esteem instilled

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Everyone always wants to change the "too sweet" kids.

They say:

“She needs to grow a thicker skin.”

“He needs to toughen up.”

Well, I’m tired of hearing it.

These kids are the ones who will give the toy they are playing with to another child without hesitation, even if they aren’t finished. These kids are the ones who stay out of trouble because they want to please.

Here it is a bit louder for the people in the back:



So, take that “they” (whoever you are) with your relative truths.

I used to hate being considered “too sweet” because I associated it with people taking advantage of me—

but I’ve realized some things as I’ve gotten older.

Our sweet kids don’t need to change; they just need to be empowered. We must make sure that they have confidence in themselves,

Because you can be sweet and not a doormat.

So, tell your “too sweet” girls and boys that their feelings matter above all else.

Teach them the importance of self-care—because, for those that have a tendency to forget about themselves, they MUST learn to be a priority.

Teach them to stand their ground, not only for themselves but for the person who is being wronged. Their kindness is a gift, and they should use their voice to stand up for what’s right—since their moral compass is on point.

We don’t want them to feel resentment, because they can’t be all the things to all the people. We don’t want them to be sorry obsessed.

We want them to have their own lives and take risks.

And they can do all of that without becoming something they aren’t.

So, if we make sure these “too sweet” souls love themselves, they'll be okay.

Because they can NEVER go wrong with kindness if they have boundaries.


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