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Challenge: Open Discussion

MY TO DO and TO DON'T LIST during this new normal of homeschool days.

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ff394a5a3f84f67cf633250abd5abe2ed3e3ed0b.jpegThere is nothing normal about this picture.

Like many of you our schools have closed and we are now "homeschooling" our kiddos.

Many of you are pumped! You are organized and are going to rock this! And then there are those of us, myself included who are a bit angsty. I feel very ill-equipped, not because the amazing teachers don’t have everything incredibly organized and thought through, but because if you would have told me I would be homeschooling my kids back in the day, I would have said, “you’re crazy, I was not made for this!”

(By the way, teachers you ROCK!)

But guess what? We are going to be made for this in this season, because that's what parents do, we improvise, we push through, we just do it.

Here is what I wanted to remind myself and others these next few days as I scroll social media and see all the organized, printable, color-coded school schedules that can overwhelm me if I let it.

I wrote a little to do and to don’t list for myself:


  1. Stress about not getting everything done on the schedule.

  2. Worry I am not a good teacher.

  3. Pack the days to the brim with crazy expectations.

  4. Compare myself to what others are doing.


  1. Practice patience with kids and myself

  2. Be completely ok with audibles and interruptions

  3. Try to stick to a routine because it helps everyone

  4. Give myself Grace upon GRACE

  5. Have Fun

  6. Be Present

  7. Get outside

  8. Serve Others


    Some simple things we have done to make this time a little easier:

LET THEM MAKE THEIR OWN SCHEDULE I have given my kids the beautiful color coded schedule others made for them to use as a template to make their own, Carter Mae is like me and loves to come up with her own schedule. She is driven and I know she will stick to something that is HER idea and not just mine.

MAKE A DESIGNATED WORK SPACE We don’t have an extra office so we used our living room coffee table. Put fresh flowers and a candle on it, and a good inspiring quote “it’s a good day for a good day” the kids organized their work underneath.

START THE MORNING WITH GRATITUDE Before we start any school we start the morning with 3 thankful things, this helps us get ready for the day ahead and start off on the right note. Even when things feel scary and NOT normal we can still find JOY.

FIND WAYS TO SERVE OTHERS Talk to your kids about how during this time we can serve others. Making cards for the assisted living home, helping food pantries that are low, calling isolated family members on facetime.

Send us your ideas…..

And head over to for more ideas.

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