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Challenge: Romance After Kids

My relationship is stuck in a cul de sac.

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This relationship is hard. .

Keeping track of this other person, while trying not to lose yourself along the way. .

This relationship is hard. .

At one point or another, as you grow together, you’ll feel like you’re just dwelling, you’re merely coexisting. And as the years pass, the memories will fade, the anniversaries will go and come, birthdays will pass; all while you’re in the same loop, in this cul de sac of the life you’re living. .

This relationship is hard. .

Good morning kisses will become underrated, I love you texts will be expected. .

This relationship is hard. .

This relationship will be your greatest accomplishment and your greatest weakness. You’ll be the most vulnerable you’ve been, yet strong enough to move mountains. .

This relationship is defined by overwhelming love and joy; it's having your heart out of your control, out of reach. .

This relationship is devotion; It's choosing each other over and over, then over again. .

And so, as normal as you may feel it has become, as much as it has grown on you, as insignificant as you may feel the occasions are becoming, don’t let it consume you. .

This relationship is hard, but it's the most rewarding, it's the most satisfying, its the most wonderful relationship one can have if done right. .

This relationship is hard, but have you ever rested your head on your loved ones shoulder after a long day and felt all your worries drift away? .

That’s what this relationship is. It's finding comfort and serenity when you need it most.

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