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My Mother's Day 2020 Wish List

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This is actually the first year I create a real Wish List. And apologies to my husband in advance, but it’s a long one. This year, I’m hoping to

Drink a cup of coffee, alone,

Take an uninterrupted shower,

Stroll through a Target aisle and worry whether or not I have time before school lets out,

Use Cartwheel,

Pick up Starbucks,

Go to the mall—with or without my entourage,

Drive a car—with or without my entourage,

Carry a purse,

Wear jeans,

Wear ballet flats,

Wear high heels,

Wear shoes, period,

Call my babysitter,

Go on a date night,

Wait on hold for 20 minutes for a restaurant reservation,

Wait at the front for my table to be ready,

Get a manicure,

Get my hair cut,

Turn down the gym membership, again,

Dream about being one of those “coffee shop writers”, but know that’s impossible since dinner has to be prepared before piano practice,

Shop way too long for tile for the new house—inside the tile shop,

Walk into a bakery and spend time picking out donuts,

Plan a Girls’ Night with my friends,

Turn down the Girls’ Night because of yet another kid circumstance,

Laugh with my girls at 10 PM and be grateful for hubby who heroically made it possible,

Pick out a library book,

Wander aimlessly through a book store,

Run out of eggs and pick up some more—at 1 PM,

"Poke” and “squeeze” avocados for ripeness at the store without wearing gloves,

Plan a vacation,

Shop for cheap airline tickets,

Make a packing list,

Stay up till 12 AM for my “Disney Reservation Booking Window” to open,

Wake up my kids super early for a flight,

Fold an annoying stroller at airport security,

Run to the gate like in Home Alone,

Console a crying baby on an airplane,

Wake up at 5 AM to find the hotel coffee shop while my kids sleep,

Enjoy the only “coffee shop writing” I get right now—while on vacation,

Walk Deck 4 alone at 7:00 AM,

Hear the sound of crashing ocean waves,

Wait 75 minutes for an amusement park ride,

Wait 10 minutes in the line for the Women's Restroom,

Plan a birthday party,

Wonder mid-way through party planning why I get myself into these messes,

Wonder if all the school uniforms were washed Sunday night,

Go to a Parent-Teacher conference,

Watch soccer practice,

Go down the slide with my daughters,

Push them on a park swing,

Drop off the kids to Grandma’s house,

Hug my mom on Mother’s Day.

I will never take anything for granted, ever again.

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