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Challenge: My Dad Hero

​My husband likes adventures

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My husband likes adventures.

But these “adventures” of his, they drive me absolutely bonkers.




pushing us all out of our far too cozy comfort zone antics

cause me so much effin’ anxiety.

But while they create a nuisance for easily rattled me,

they generate

spontaneous joy

and unqiue, growth-promoting experiences for our children,

and so I’ve kept with him and he’s kept on driving me closer to the looney bin and those kids of ours closer to a level of bravery and confidence unique for their young ages.

You see, children need both:

the rule follower and the rule breaker,

the tightly wound and the loose goose,

the fun generator and the fun police,

the plan hater and the plan maker.

Kids need examples of all of it.

‘Cause when you’re raising firecrackers,

damn if it ain’t uber-important to keep that spark lit, but at least semi-appropriately contained.

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