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My Dad and Cleaning Your Windshield With Vinegar

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My Dad was always teaching me things as I grew up but one thing he taught was something I thought he was wrong about. That was the fact that you can actually clean your windshield with vinegar, yes vinegar.

So, I'll try to explain it here the way he did to me.

Before we get into how vinegar is used to clean the inside of your windshield, it's important that we educate you on how it gets dirty and filthy in the first place.

What makes the inside of your windshield dirty?

The inside of your windshield gets dirty whether you like it or not. If you are a smoker, for instance, the tobacco smoke may cause a hazy appearance on the windshield. If you are not a smoker, internal and external pollutants such as engine smoke and smog may as well cause streaked appearance on your windshield. And therefore, the streaky and hazy appearance on your windshield is a problem that should be addressed in haste to ensure that you clearly see anywhere you go.

The Challenge with Regular Auto Glass Cleaners

Regular auto glass cleaners are specifically designed to clean glasses, but they do not work on car windshields because the grime that piles up on the interior does not respond to the traditional glass cleaning solution. They tend to move the oils and other residues around instead of breaking them down, leading to more streaks. However, you do not have to scratch your heads out wondering what to use because vinegar is your solution.

Using Vinegar Instead of Your Normal Glass Cleaners

First things first, if you need to make your windshield sparkling clean, assemble everything you need and start by making a cleaning solution that comprises of one cup of vinegar and one cup of water and pour them in a spray bottle. However, this is not a fixed amount and you can adjust the amount but always ensure that water and vinegar are in equal proportions. Secondly, put microfiber cloths, towels, and safety glasses ready and get down to business.

Steps to Cleaning the Inside of Your Windshield Using Vinegar

Now that you already know what makes the inside of your windshield dirty and what you need to clean it, here are the steps to apply when cleaning using vinegar.

1. Thoroughly shake the bottle to combine the water and vinegar in order to get a solution with a maximum effect to cut through dirt, oil, and other residues.

2. Place the towels over the dashboard. Given that the water-vinegar solution can cause damage to the windshield, the towels are used to protect it and prevent you from going to the drawing board once again to replace your windshield.

3. Freely spray the solution over the windshield’s interior until they drip down on the towels. This ensures that the entire windshield is cleaned up and all the dirt, oil, dust, and other debris are washed away.

4. Wipe the solution on the windshield using a clean dry microfiber cloth and once it gets wet and dirty, use another new, clean, and dry cloth.

5. Repeat the procedure until your windshield is sparkling clean and clear.

6. The vinegar odor does not disappear immediately and if it bothers you, roll down the windows and take the car for a spin for fresh air and it will eventually disappear.

Viola, now you know that you can clean your windshield using vinegar and that it will do a better job than your typical auto glass cleaners. Remember that the condition of your windshield determines what you see on the road and because your life is valuable, get vinegar and get down to business and leave your windshield magnificently clean.

If you need more tips, Dealer Auto Glass has a good article explaining how to clean your windshield using vinegar.

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