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My children the gift that keeps on giving

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My name is Carmen Guaigua from Lancaster, PA. I have a 6 year old daughter and 3 year old twins (boy/girl). My three year old twin son, was diagnosed to be in the autism spectrum in August 2018. Since September, 2018, I have been going to classes to help him and also educate myself in how to help him. Thanks to this agency providing the classes Cobys in Lancaster, PA, we have been making progress. One of the greatest asset is that the agency that host this classes provide childcare, because without that service I probably would not had been able to attend. My husband works out of town and when he returns over the weekend I review with him the things that we are doing in class and practice. Since he has been away, my sister has been going with me to support and assist in helping my son to the classes.

The greatest benefit that we have achieved is that as a family we have been able to help my son, mostly my daughters. They help him and participate in the activities and when my son reaches a milestone or he says words that they have not heard him say, they make sure that they let him know that he is doing a good job. My daughters have changed their habits of not talking in a loud voice, to be gentle and to console him in the best possible way when he gets upset. All those changes with the activities that we have learn at class, my son has become a little more verbal and approachable. The kindness and assistance that my daughters have for their brother is the greatest gift of giving they have shown. They are always encouraging him by making sure he knows it. As we continue our journey of learning to help him I hope that they continue to share their kindness and not just to him but others whom they will meet in their lifetime.

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