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My child is the 'middle of the pack' friend — sometimes left out, never picked first

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My daughter and I were chatting about her day when she nonchalantly said, “I didn’t get invited to my friend’s birthday party.” She shrugged her shoulders, yet I could tell her feelings were hurt.

And right then, my mama heart broke into a thousand pieces.

My child is a “middle of the pack” friend.

She’s the girl that doesn’t always get the invite to birthday parties or sleepovers.

She’s the girl who sometimes gets lost in the mix, OK playing by herself on the playground if her friends are too busy with others.

She’s not the most outspoken, yet she’s not the shy one in class.

She’s the girl who isn’t picked first, yet she’s not picked last.

She’s the “middle of the pack”.

It’s part of life. You’re going to be excluded from activities and birthdays, but it’s hard watching it unfold as a parent.

Within moments of our conversation, my daughter was giggling with her sister, moving on to a different topic.

And as I watched her, I found myself in awe of how comfortable she is in her own skin…at such a young age.

My daughter knows no stranger; every person she meets is a friend.

She’s fierce, resilient, and loyal, with so much love to give.

She’s always first to offer a hug or lend a helping hand.

My child is quirky, sometimes awkward, yet she’s funny and truly authentic.

And most importantly, my daughter is kind, the type of child who teachers rave about to the parents.

My daughter is that “middle of the pack” girl, and I couldn’t be any prouder.

She will always shine in her own way, even if she sometimes blends into the crowd.

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