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My Best Advice for Tackling a Cough

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Other mothers are constantly asking me for my advice on tackling a tough cough when my kids are sick (now that we are deep in the season), so I figure I can give you my two cents about what works for our family. The honest truth is that when my kids are sick, I feel a little sick as a mom too. I want my boys to feel their best, but when they don’t, I try my best to help them get better fast because, like 3 in 5 working moms who say lack of sleep is caused by caring for a child sick with a cough has also declined their productivity at work, I want to make sure I get them feeling well so I can feel well.

Did you know that 92% of moms claim finding symptom relief to improve their child’s sleeping pattern is all their top priority when their child is sick with a cough? It’s even true for me because sleep is always a must, but when my boys are sick, it’s even more necessary for their bodies to recharge. Sleep helps our bodies fight infections and improves our immune system. But what happens when they can’t sleep?


I’m sure there are more complicated fancy remedies out there, but I’ve got to say, I use my tried and true Vicks VapoRub when my kiddos are down for the count. It provides quick cough relief and has been my go-to cough suppressant since I was even a kid.


When it’s time for bed I typically rub Vicks VapoRub on the boys’ chests, in a circular motion which soothes them. Vicks VapoRub contains medicated vapors that help soothe a cough and may be used up to three times daily. The vapors also last up to 8 hours to relieve their coughs, which is great to help get in those extra Z’s.


And to keep the coughs from spreading, show them how to properly cover their mouths. Let’s face it, little kids cough and sneeze EVERYWHERE! That’s why you can never start too early teaching your kids about germs, hygiene, and how to cough properly. Make it fun! Show the family all together. Optional: make up a dorky cough dance to make it a party! Make sure you’re leading by example, whenever you sneeze or cough use your sleeve (not your hands!) to cover your mouth.

While this was a sponsored opportunity from Vicks VapoRub, all content and opinions expressed are my own.

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