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Challenge: Bedtime Secrets

My Bedtime Secret Is.....Wine

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Okay, well my bedtime secret WAS wine, but now I'm pregnant. So they whole neighborhood knows when it's bedtime now. Listen, I wish I could lie and say that bedtime is a breeze and everyone brushes their teeth, listens quietly to their story and floats off to dream land. But I can't....

I have three girls who love to chat. And chat. And chat. We have one room with bunk beds and another single room, but NO ONE wants to sleep alone. Like, can I sleep alone?! I'll take that twin bed any day!

My best solution is keeping a routine. Set bedtimes are a must. Also, lavender J&J lotion is the perfect post-shower treat. I still use it for myself...the smell is fab.

To keep the chatting at bay, I pull a Parent Trap with my kids. I make the two girls who get along the LEAST share the bunk bed room. It seriously works! They only slightly bother each other before falling asleep.

I know that this bedtime chaos is a phase and I actually don't dwell on it too much. There will be a day when my little ladies grow up to teenage girls who don't want to hug me or tell me about their day. I'll take it!

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