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My Beauty May Fade but I Still Turn the Heads That Matter

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There was a time I used to walk into certain rooms and feel like I was pretty. Not in a supermodel or perfect-10 kind of way (not at all) but in the way a woman exudes an abundance of confidence when she catches a head-turn.

I didn't grow up with the message that looks defined my worth, but as the years went on and the more my ego was filled with outward adoration, I put more importance on those external impressions and the way I could use them. At times, leading with it. Naively, I didn't consider it fleeting.

But here's what happens as women mature... a transition of sorts occurs. It doesn't happen overnight. It's more like a slow, subtle process. One day you realize you no longer turn all the heads, all the time.

And I'm not going to lie, here's the truth serum. Occasionally it stings, and I find myself checking out the newest crop of babes and feel a ping of envy. Not for what they have but for what I don't.

But, here's what I do have. I know without a doubt as I've gotten older what is meaningful and lasting. I see the value in creating experiences with the people I love; Gaining wisdom to recognize what matters; Knowing my priorities and saying yes to those. And, knowing what lacks importance, and saying no to it. I have been given one life and plan on living it with grace. Finally, I realize once, and for all, there are only a few individual heads I need to turn to feel loved.

Written by Valli Vida Gideons on

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